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Botrytis cinerea

Botrytis cinerea – Abundant conidia spores sitting on top of branching tree like conidiophores. Infects wine grapes from wounds produced from insects, powdery mildew and berry splitting. It thrives in humid climates and is intensified by sugars from ripening berries. Pic taken under a x 10 microscope – A bunch of Semillon grapes infected with […]

Containment of an active Downy Mildew oi...

Views from under a x 10  microscope assessing agrochemical effectiveness on the eradication and or the prevention of white down fungal spores of a downy mildew oil spot forming on the underside of a grape vine leaf. Agrochemical – Ridomil Gold Plus® was applied a few days ago. 🙂

Aerial Drone Footage – Gumpara Vineyards

A ‘birds eye’ view of the Gumpara Vineyards by the DJI Phantom 4 Pro Quad Rotor Drone.  Providing  snap shots of the vineyard microclimate for cost effective decision making via aerial photography and live footage from the onboard sky camera. The camera has a 1 inch 20MP CMOS sensor (Effective pixels 20M).  A great tool […]

Emergence of crawlers from the Grapevine...

First signs of juvenile scale crawlers are being found on wood. These guys hatched around the last week of July. Now is a good time to monitor in the vineyard for these soft bodied insects. Scale in high populations can significantly reduce grape yield, vine health and trigger sooty mould.

Elephant Weevil

Nasty little borers!  – Female elephant weevil doing its autumn rain dance!. Keep an eye out  for elephantweevil, Orthorhinus, cylindrirostris.  Vineyard wood boring insect. Known to cause chaos and considered a pest to the wine industry.