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Vineyard Diseases

Vineyard Diseases include Botrytis - Black Spot - Eutypa Dieback - Downy Mildew - Phomopsis - Powdery Mildew

Vineyard Pests

Australian Plague Locust - Bud Mite - Bunch Mite - Garden Weevil - Grape Leaf Blister Mite - Grape Leaf Rust Mite - Grapevine Moth - Grapevine Scale - Light Brown Apple Moth - Mealybug - Snails - Wingless Grasshopper

Bud Dissection - ( Bud Fruitfulness )

Assessment on bud fruitfulness provides vital information to make informed decisions to set sustainable pruning levels for the coming season to optimise yield targets

We can facilitate

Agrochemical/Vine Nutrition program and design - Vineyard Mapping - Soil Moisture Monitoring/ Interpretation - Petiole/Virus/Soil and Winegrape sampling - Yield Estimation - Quality Assessments

Zinc deficiency

Zinc is a micro element that plays an important role in the flowering and fruitset process. When zinc is immobile in the vine, symptoms first show up in the younger leaves. When vines are deficient in zinc,  the leaves begin to mottle and the petiolar sinus begins to widen with sharp teeth showing up on the […]

Light Brown Apple Moth Generation No 1 u...

Barossa Valley   – Be on the lookout for first generation 1st to 3rd instar larvae inside the shoot tips moving down the shoot into upper leaves and visible bunches     Eden Valley – First generation Light Brown Apple Moth egg mass hatch has occurred. First instar larvae will be on the move to shelter […]

Bud Mite Larvae

Adult Bud Mites have produced many small bud mite larvae inside primary bud just past the woolly bud stage, Grapevine EL Stage 3 to 4. Finding larvae at this growth stage emphasizes the importance of implementing Bud Mite Control measures  when the buds are just cracking. Grapevine EL stage 2. Bud mite larvae disturbing development of newly emerging […]